Everybody has a different body type knowing what fits your curve is very important in every day dressing.

 Some of us carry weight in our arms; some in our boobs; some in our tummy. So we’re constantly in search of the perfect tops to minimize our woes while drawing attention to our goods. Here, we’ve compiled the appropriate necklines each of us should be on the lookout for.


Well-endowed ladies with big boobs already know the struggles of getting a V- shaped neck top. Going for a tasteful scoop top that shows a little décolletage while still helping you feel comfortable will do your confidence good.


If you have a small boobs one way to add volume and be trendy is to buy blouses and dresses with a pussybow neckline. You will be flattered and on trend all at the same time.


For the lady with a sporty body having that sexy-feminine body can be very difficult --especially in fitted tops. Go for a looser silhouette, like a buttoned shirtdress. It’ll drape nicely over your shoulders and create a lean look all the way to your waist.


So, you’re pretty average in the boob and shoulder department, but feel like your arms could use some love? When covering up soft areas, make sure to add some structure elsewhere. An interesting notched v-neck, for example, will draw attention to your middle (and rake in the compliments).