DIY: Yes, this is a do-it-yourself, but SO easy that it only take 1 minute to make, and costs under N5000 for a month’s supply!
-Ingredient: All you need for this DIY are rose water and liquid glycerin. If you’re not aware of the incredible perks of rose water, you’re not alone. I recently learned about the endless benefits after visiting a Mediterranean grocery store near my house. They shared with me that Mediterranean women SWEAR by rose water, and use it for everything from facial toners, to aftershave, and even mix it into their bath water for soft skin. Don’t buy the expensive stuff, though. Bottled rose water at a Natural hair store or organic store should only run you about N2000 each.
Glycerin has tons of uses for skin care; it softens, hydrates, helps with aging, and is basically a God-send moisturizer for your face.

– Makeup Setting Spray: Setting sprays are all the rage right now to help set makeup for a long day of wear. MAC offers a Fix+ setting spray that mists water and vitamins on your face, promising to hold your makeup in place all day. Unfortunately, this spritz costs N9000 and this natural DIY concoction helps to protect the face from sweat and the daily grind, and it smells absolutely glorious! I spray this on my face after I put my makeup on, or whenever I need a refresher throughout the day. My skin feels super soft, my makeup doesn’t run, and have I mentioned it smells like you’ve stepped into a floral heaven.

Whatcha Need:
Rose Water
Clean Spray Bottle

Whatcha Do:
Combine 1 part Glycerin with 4 parts Rose Water. (Start small at first since there are no preservatives.) Shake vigorously and spray 6-8 inches away from your face for a dewy finish.

Mist your face right after you put on makeup, and also keep it in your refrigerator and use as a refresher spray throughout the day to make your skin positively glow!

SISTER TIP: For acne prone skin, you can add a drop of tea tree oil into your spray bottle to help soothe skin!